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has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

This was perfect

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Me, almost 4 months ago: What is this Pathfinder game that you speak of?  I have never heard of it.

Me, earlier this morning: Sure, I can set up all the Pathfinder Society games for my area for this month.  Let me work with a couple other people.  I can totally handle this.

(Just a tad hyperbolic.  The regular VL is really busy so he asked a veteran, and myself, for help this month.  Mainly because I’m starting to GM.)

(The ‘just a tad’ comment above was also hyperbolic.)

(The fro-yo is also cursed.)

Who would have thought that Batman was a metal head? 


Anonymous asked: Not HEPA!!!! Please don't let it stick!!!!

Not to worry, it did not stick.  Hepa is famous enough that his body was recovered, he was raised from the dead, and the two negative levels were removed.  Burned through a LOT of gold and prestige, but it got done.

It was kind of amusing, because I was playing with a friend of mine who always jokes about wanting to kill my characters.  And now he got his wish!


Anonymous asked: Did you find the name of that VL?

Not yet.  As soon as I know more, I’ll post more.

Note to everyone: When drunk, I turn into a golden retriever puppy.  I am super happy, and I like to hug, and I want everyone to know that I think they are awesome, but I especially want my friends to know that they are awesome.  Hugs for everyone.  You are awesome!

On the advice of an extremely good friend, who is super-mega-awesome, I am going to have some water and then I am probably going to go to bed.  If you can read this, then I love you.  It’s a platonic love, not to worry.  I hope that everyone has an amazing day, and that your evening is full of amazeballs.

I am a little drunk right now. My Brobarian died, and then without really paying attention to it, I slammed about 10 oz of vodka after drinking a Rum and Coke… I managed to pay for the body recovery and raise, but… it’s my first character death in Pathfinder… and it’s Hepa… he’s so fun!


The Librarians Trailer

Wow… this trailer looks amazing but…

Well, maybe it’s nothing, but….

Maybe you could tell us when the damn show airs?  Maybe?

*grumble grumble stupid TNT*

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Fuck everything, I need Agent Carter now.



Fuck everything, I need Agent Carter now.

I swore an oath.  We all did.

To protect the world from devastation…

To unite all people within our nation…

To denounce the Evils of Truth and Love

To extend our reach to the stars above!



Team SHIELD blast off at the speed of light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!